8 Video Animation Trends We Dare to Predict In 2019


Video animation has become a central pillar in promoting many brands and companies and increasing their revenue. It is true that a lot of knowledge and high skills are needed to create an animated video, and also proficiency on the video animation tool is also required to develop the best-animated video, but along with all this, it is also needed for the video animators to keep themselves updated.

The common mistake that many video animators, especially beginners make is that they only keep practicing the basic video animation techniques to get their hands on the animation software with proficiency and ignore the fact that they are also needed to keep themselves up with the latest trends.

It should be understood that unlike logo designing video animation should be created following all techniques and features that are in vogue and fashion to make it look modernized in order to receive recognition from the audience. The fact is undeniable that people crave for something new to see, and easily gets bored and distracted with the repeated or old stuff, which is why new trends are introduced all the time to keep the popularity and demand of the video animation alive. Even those trends that kept repeating each year is presented with a little drift to make it look unique.

Some of the unique and amazing trends of video animation that are in high demand in 2019 are discussed below.

Trend # 1: Using Highly Complex VFX

As it is known by everyone that many things we see in the videos are the work of whiteboard animation and evidently not possible to make such things happen in the real, such as explosions, natural catastrophes, aliens, or dinosaurs. All of this is displayed for the audience by applying some cool visual effects. Such activities are created by uniting existing footage with the computer-programmed images to give a perfect look. The use of VFX has been increased so much in the past few years, and it is assumed that this year it will surely outclass itself to provide better visuals for everyone to enjoy.

Trend # 2: Blended Version of 2D & 3D Animation Techniques

As many of us who are tech-savvy knows that the trend of blended 2D & 3D video animation was a super hit trend in 2018 as well, it is due to that popularity that it has been carried forward to be used this year as well. Apparently, some twists and turns have been included in the techniques to give it a unique look, so that it will differ a little from the previous trend.

Trend # 3: High Use of Colorful Color Palettes

Since soft and punchy pastel colors were a big thing last year in creating the animated visualizations, this year it is all color palette, so that it would not be challenging for the animators to pick a few specific colors from the pool of so many colors in order to tell the right story.

Trend # 4: Retro Style Is Back In Motion Graphics

It does not matter that how many years will pass by retro-style surely knows how to make its way back to the current time, evolving in the world and every industry so uniquely and with the latest perks in it that makes it look fresher than ever. In 2019, be ready to notice the retro style in most of the motion video graphics animation.

Trend # 5: Animated GIF Logo Designs

Animated logos were indeed a big thing in the previous year, and due to its charming and mesmerizing effects on the viewers, the trend has made a comeback with an even more powerful form. It inevitably draws some magic and looks so fascinating that attracts the audience instantly. Due to its increasing demand, many big companies like LinkedIn and Twitter had their animated GIF logo created for promotional purposes.

Trend # 6: Use of Motion Video Graphics on Websites

Motion designs have been a great source of providing traffic to websites. With the past few years’ experiences, it has been concluded that motion graphics technique is beneficial for the website owners, which is why it has been reintroduced this year as well.

Trend # 7: Idea of Morphing Is Again a Hit

Somehow morphing trend has found its way back this year and due to the great appeal of morphing techniques in the video animation, we are expecting to see more new and exciting forms of morphed animated videos in this year.

Trend # 8: Liquid Motion Is Still In Vogue

Motion liquid in the animated videos was a big hit last year, and due to its growing popularity the trend has been transported this year as well, and we dare to foresee that it will go to be a very significant part of the video animation industry in 2019.

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Eliza Martin