Features to Look for When Implementing an Online Assessment System


Considering the current scenario, where social distancing and frequent lockdown are part of the new normal, corporate and educational institutions have started adopting an automated online test path. They genuinely believe that an online assessment system can help conduct examinations in any situation.

However, a high-quality and feature-rich online assessment system built by a reputed vendor like Janison can enable you to conduct a test with the utmost ease and accuracy.

Here is a list of features you should consider while implementing an online assessment system.

Online Assessment System
Online Assessment System

An Assessment Battery

An assessment battery is the most helpful feature when measuring a candidate’s skills, personality, and abilities. Generally, it is a sort of assessment clustered together to analyze a candidate’s problem-solving and reasoning skills for a specific role.

Assessment batteries can differ from role to role, and they can be based on the job requirement. For example, you may want to conduct a coding test, psychometric test (trustworthiness, motivation, and honesty), and cognitive test when you’re hiring for coders.  All these tests make an assessment battery that can be assessed in a sequence.

Efficiency in Creating Question Bank

An online assessment system should easily create and manage different question paper templates and set up a reusable question bank. The question bank should be interactive enough and support multimedia and rich text editors.

The look and feel of the question bank should be appealing enough to draw the candidate’s attention.

Customized Test-taking Options

When looking for online assessment software, consider the customization option so that you can easily design the test as per your institute’s or organization’s needs. Thus, it helps examiners make exams more interactive by customizing test papers in their way.

Integration with LMS

This is one of the best features you should consider. Seamless integration with LMS enables you to incorporate learning content into assessment where candidates can quickly access the course content and videos/files from a single source. It expedites the examination process and brings more efficiency into the system.

Multi-language Support

Multi-language support is one of the things you should consider while implementing assessment systems. It makes it easy for you and candidates to get through the online test in a hassle-free manner.

High-level Proctoring

Look for online assessment software that can provide you with a high-level proctoring feature. With this feature, you won’t be required to get anxious about the candidate getting involved in malpractice of any sort.

Different Types of Test Questions with Different Difficulty Levels

Robust software built by a vendor like Janison can help you set up different types of test questions easily. Moreover, it should let you define difficulty levels. Below are some common question types that aim to understand the candidate throughout the process:

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Subjective Writing
  • Coding Simulators
  • Case Studies
  • Guesstimate Questions
  • Spreadsheet Questions
  • Diagram-based Questions
  • Fill in the blank Questions

On-screen Evaluation for Instant Results

Another must-have feature in online assessment software is instant result capability. By using an online assessment software from a vendor like Janison, you can instantly publish results by simply configuring the date and time in the candidate’s result management system.

It also includes various security stages, including a complete security management process, click-by-click audit process, and evaluator handling process.

Online assessment software is the future of assessment, providing various improvements over the same conventional methods with a more automated system and processing skills.

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