How Google Advanced Search Operators Work?


In the past, many SEO professionals used outdated SEO tools and direct page submissions to get links for their websites. Those methods no longer work today, and Google will penalize you if you use them.

Today, it is important to know the SEO techniques that Google approves of to get links. But how many people know that you can perform an analysis of your link-building work in Google Search?

To keep your websites at the top of the pile as far as link building, you should know how to use Google advanced search operators.

What Are Search Operators?

Google search operators are specialized commands in the search engine that allow you to cull out undesirable results so that you can get what you are looking for faster.

Google Advanced Search Operators
Google Advanced Search Operators

The infographic we prepared below helps to explain some of the most used Google search operators.

How To Find All The Links To Your Website?

Did you ever wonder which sites are linking the individual pages in your site? Finding out is easy. All you must do is type “link:” and then type the site name. Google will show you some of the pages that link to your site.

Say your website is You just need to type “”. But this method is limited; you may not see all the links that you want. Google has put some restrictions in its algorithm so that not every link to your website will show publicly. But there are other ways to see the results you want.

To see all the links, you should enter: “ –” This search operator should show you all the links to your site that Google has indexed.

How to Find Pages Google Indexes From Your Site

To find these vital pages, just type: “”. All the pages that the search engine has indexed on your site will appear.

How to Use Google To Get Search Results You Want

Have you ever been irritated when Google fails to understand the search you want and you get undesired results? This is frustrating but there are ways to search more efficiently.

By putting your search term in quotation marks, you should see more refined results. For example, if you desire to publish some guest blogs, you just need to enter “guest blogging” into Google. You should see plenty of exact matches.

View Cache to See How Google Views Your Website

Using “info” might be the best way to collect data about several aspects of your website quickly. Enter “” will provide you important site information. You will see the pages that link to your website, which version of your site was cached, related pages, and details about your domain.

More Information About Using Google Search Operators

If you use Google regularly and are unfamiliar with search operators, you should learn more about them. Search operators allow you to perform searches faster. You can get more details without doing a lot of repetitive searches.

If you want Google to search for a word, you just need to enter that word into the address bar at the top of the browser.

But if you want to do a more specific Google search, you can click the three vertical dots in the top right portion of your page. This is useful if you want to hunt for a specific word on a webpage. After you click the dots, you should click Find. You then see a bar in the top right area of the screen. Type your search word there so you can locate where you want in highlights.

If you wish to see a word that you viewed on a webpage, highlight the word with your mouse and right click it.

If you want a word that you saw on a page, highlight that word with your mouse and hit right click.

Now that you have more information about Google search operators, you should be able to find the results you want faster.

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