How Ticketing Systems Make or Break Your Customer Service?


Although there have been many improvements at various stages of customer services, there are firms focusing on outdated methods and technology for customer service. Some of the channels such as email and social media are integrated with a ticketing system. This usually offers a streamlined and unified experience to the customers. However, if there are many team agents operating on one software through different channels, then the experience can be frustrating and disorganized not just for the customers but also for the agents.

Whether a company can get benefited or not from ticketing systems software depends on how they use it.  Let us check out some functions that become easier and quicker with this help desk system.

  1. Assign tickets automatically: Those times have long gone when you had to wait for the customer team to solve your problem. At present, the automated system helps to generate the ticket automatically, and this goes to the agent for a solution. For instance, if you ask a question ‘How do I exchange the product?’ You will get the answer ready. On the other hand, if your question needs an answer from the IT department, it will be directed or transferred to the concerned department.
  2. Alerts for urgent solution: There are some tickets that require urgent solutions which can determine making or breaking the customer service. There are certain trigger words that can be used while generating the ticket such as urgent or priority or so. And if these are solved by the agent in the stipulated period of time, it is helpful. Otherwise, it can be said that it is breaking the customer experience.
  3. Automatic closing of tickets: Even if the ticket is resolved, the agent needs a feedback or confirmation from the client before closing the ticket. However, it is also true that the ticket cannot be left open. Therefore, the automatic closure can be set by putting in the number of days when it can be done. For instance, you can set the software to close the ticket after 20 days in case the customer fails to respond. Such an automatic function saves time and effort. At the same time, it informs the customer that the ticket has been closed.
  4. Holidays: Not every organization can offer support to the customers on all days. So, what has to be done during weekends and public holidays? Well, the ticketing software can be set to send an automated message to the customers saying they will reach out on working days. Such instant emails are important to notify the customers about the company.

If the ticketing systems your company has is performing all the above-mentioned functions in the best way, then it surely is on the way to make a great customer service. On the other hand, if the system has no such advanced tools to generate automated tickets, then it might offer unsatisfactory customer service.

Measures to offer excellent customer service

There are many measures to learn through which your support team can offer best customer service. Let us have a glimpse on some of them as follows.

  • Competent support team: Irrespective of the number of tickets that a support team receives, they have to be extremely efficient in their work. Whether it is prioritizing the ticket or it is transferring the ticket to other team for a solution, everything has to be done in a proper and organized manner. The main aim of the customer team should be to provide a solution at the right time to the customers, especially when they are urgent.  This works when your company decides the guidelines to be followed by the support team members. Every agent needs to answer in the set way, otherwise it becomes messier and there are chances that your customers will lose trust in you.
  • Well-organized: When you have an organized team to manage the entire tickets load then everything else will be in the right place. If the team members are not connected, then it would be a hassle to manage the things. Therefore, it is essential to have consolidated software that can pull in all the requests and then solve them as per priority. This very feature of the team will save the time and effort.
  • Attentive team members: The customer support needs to be on toes always. They have to be attentive when generating tickets, classifying them, transferring them, and finally solving and closing them. With such team members, it is always a great experience for the customers.

With these measures taken, your company is on the right direction to impress the customer with the ticketing system. When it comes to break or make the customer service, it can be said that it depends on two major factors. One is the advanced ticketing systems software and other is the efficient team to use it.

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Vaishali Gopi