434 –  18 ITSM Tips for Selecting Your Next ITSM System in 2020


It is an ironical situation that is prevailing in the IT service management field. The demand for the services offered by the companies in this industry is growing. At the same time, there is fierce competition among the companies. Even if these companies have put in place appropriate ITSM tools for performing efficiently, they may not be able to succeed in beating the competition they face unless they put in extra efforts. They should also have clear road-maps for achieving the growth they are aspiring for. 

In fact, if you believe that you can achieve your ITSM business goals just by putting in place an appropriate ITSM software, you are committing a judgmental mistake. Observing other IT service management companies who could achieve a reasonable level of success, you may think that it is their ITSM software that has helped them reach their business goals. In reality, these companies may always be traveling the extra distance of putting forth additional efforts for reaching the levels they are now at. Though it is true that ITSM tools do help in improving the performance and output in your company, it is imperative that you should also be ready to make some additional efforts for reaching enviable levels in your IT service management field.

Let us now find out some of the tips that can help you in your journey.

  1. However deep-pocketed you may be, you may at times face financial pressures. Sometimes, these financial pressures may be there for a long duration and sometimes, they may remain for a brief period. But regardless of the duration these financial pressures persist, you should address them appropriately and on time. If you conduct your ITSM business in a judicious manner by keeping the costs down and increasing your revenues by delivering perfectly what your clients want, you can reduce the chances of such financial pressures.
  1. Improve your ITAM or IT-Asset-Management capabilities by being careful with your IT budgets. IT assets are those software, hardware, and other third-party services you use. 
  1. Use the manpower in your company wisely. For example, there may be a few repetitive tasks for which you have all along been utilizing your employees. If you automate these tasks, you can free these employees and use them for better purposes. Similarly, you can automate labor-intensive tasks as well. For analyzing voluminous data, you can make use of the latest technologies like artificial intelligence. These steps will reduce your monthly salary bill to a significant extent. You and your team will be able to focus better on more important tasks.
  1. You can use the latest technologies even in your IT support efforts. For example, artificial intelligence can help in providing support to customers in the B2C segment. In some of the companies that offer IT services, AI is being used in the service desks and for facilitating self-servicing. 
  1. Thanks to the exposure that is available in the present-day context, expectations of customers and employees are rising. So, you should not hesitate to use the latest technologies along with your ITSM software for keeping pace with these growing demands. 
  1. Apart from putting in place appropriate ITSM tools in your company, you should ensure that your clients have the best customer experience. Remember that if you focus on the basics, you can easily achieve this aim.
  1. More and more companies and more particularly, those that are operating in the IT service management field, have switched to cloud. This may give rise to issues in IT management and in cost management. You should address these issues on time.
  1. Opting for cloud may necessitate changes in the ITSM practices you have been putting to use. You should affect the required changes without any delay.
  1. It is a well-known fact that DevOps bestows immense benefits on IT service management companies by developing and maintaining coordination between developers and other employees who are working in the operations. But if there is no synergy between ITSM pros and DevOps, it will nullify all the benefits that can be got by using the application. Of course, you can address this problem by involving the ITSM pros in DevOps related activities.
  1. Supplier management is also getting more complex and hence, you have to deal with this issue appropriately. If you opt to use those technologies that perfectly fit your purpose, you can overcome the complexities involved in the supplier management sphere.
  1. Never forget the fact that ignoring security risks will be perilous to your ITSM related tasks and to the sustenance and growth of your company. So, you should bestow the right type of attention on this aspect. You should ensure that your employees are also aware of such security threats and the steps they should take for preventing these threats from hampering the growth of the company.
  1. Thanks to the developments that are taking place on the technology front, you have no other alternative except to adopt the appropriate innovations that suit your company. If you hesitate to embrace such new technologies, your company will be relegated to the last in the list of preferred companies of clients. But at the same time, there is bound to be some impact on the environment in your company due to this technology adoption. You should address this impact suitably so your ITSM related activities can be carried out smoothly.
  1. There is a debate going on about whether to continue using ITSM in IT service management companies. The advent of DevOps may perhaps have triggered this debate. It is true that DevOps can get the best out of your employees because it helps in bringing about a sense of collaboration and cooperation among your employees, and more particularly, between developers and the employees working on the operations side.

At the same time, it is wrong to ignore the efficacy of ITSM and ITSM tools. You should therefore act proactively and ensure that all your clients as well as the employees understand the worth and efficacy of ITSM.

  1. When you embrace the latest technologies, there may be changes in your business needs. You should ensure that this does not lead to lack of coordination between your front-office employees and those who are carrying out the back-office operations. Especially, those employees in the back-office who carry out their tasks manually may find it difficult to cope with the pace with which the automated tasks of the front office are carried out. You should address this issue by putting in place suitable systems so there is perfect coordination between employees of the front office and those who  are manning the back office.
  1. For efficiently handling your ITSM related activities, and for making available to your clients appropriate IT related solutions, you should stop making guesses. In the business world, making guesses has always been proving to be disastrous. The solutions you offer should be based on all the relevant data, information, and other details.
  1. Remember that there are always better ways to use your ITSM tools and carry out your tasks. If you approach tasks with a focused mind, you will certainly be able to find much better ways for completing your ITSM-related activities more efficiently.
  1. Keep closely following the market as well as the innovations that are taking place in your IT service management field. Not only that, you should be ready to embrace the right innovations that suit the ITSM software you have put in place so you can derive optimal benefits out of the innovations you are adopting.
  1. Learn to use the flexibility that comes with ITSM tools. Especially, if you use other technologies such as DevOps and ITSL along with your ITSM software, it is possible to put your operations on auto mode. This makes available to you a lot of flexibility as well as time. You should use these benefits wisely, educate yourself further with all the insights available in your field, and try to improve your IT service management business.  

If you adopt these tips, you will certainly enjoy a better 2018 with your ITSM tools working with full power.

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Vaishali Gopi