How To Clean An Commercial Inflatable Waterslider Properly?

Inflatable Waterslider
Commercial Inflatable Waterslider

Inflatable Waterslider are the perfect choice for all the summer pool parties for kids where they can have fun and party with their kids. If you are planning on a backyard sale, with used commercial water slides for sale, you can easily attract new customers and sell it for a reasonable price.

Most Inflatable Waterslider are made with lightweight vinyl which is able to resist any water damage. However, it needs to be cleaned after every use for it can be a cause to develop germs and molds because of water left in the slides. It is even necessary if you brought used commercial water slides for sale.

Cleaning a water-slider is not as easy as it seems to be. Here are some instructions that you need to clean your water slide with ease thoroughly.

Step 1:

Make sure that when you are cleaning the slide, it is inflated into its full size. This will let you clean all the dirt, germs and debris for the surface of the slide. Make sure that your slide is not on grass, so it doesn’t get dirtier when you wash it.

Step 2:

Use a garden hose to spray the water slide to remove any loose dirt. Clean it with a vinyl cleanser if you have it. If you are out of vinyl cleanser, you can use a mild mixture of dish soap and water to wash your waterslide.

Step 3:

Rub the slide with a soft cloth mop, so it doesn’t burst. If there are any mud stains or grime on the slide, use the solution to clean it and continue to do so until it is cleaned.

Step 4:

Rinse the soap with the garden hose and leave the slide out in the inflated state until it is fully dried. You can use a cloth to dry the areas with layers and folds that may slow down the drying process.

Step 5:

Once the drying process is complete, spray it with antiseptic. Apply it to every layer of the slide to prevent it from any germs or molds to build up in the slide.

These five steps can guide you to thoroughly clean the inflatable water slide without leaving any germs on it. With the right cleaning process, care and maintenance, your slide can last for years. Now you can let your kids enjoy with Inflatable Waterslider without worrying about germs brewing in the slide!

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