How to Make Great Creative Content in 10 not so Easy Steps


Creating great content is not a simple task. Often young content managers try to find out how the old ad guys do mysterious conception behind a great creative ad.

Certainly, they don’t do it by writing on IBM Selectric while smoking Camels and drinking rye. Even they don’t care about the latest trends and hashtags. There is no possible way to create great content by brainstorming with a lot of people in the meeting room where Chief People officer is also available as you don’t want to hurt his/her feelings.

Essay buy online prepared 10 steps that are not so easy to make great creative content. These steps are closely held secrets of superior and traditional ad creatives.

Great Creative Content
Great Creative Content Ideas

Step 1:

Here the box is your precious digital machine, so just think outside the box. Get away from your computer and get some writing utensils and a few papers to write on. Write on a wall or desk if your office is paperless.

Rather than looking at an idea from someone else’s digital thought or image or using software on the computer to generate ideas for you, you need to use the software in your head to create great content.

Step 2:

Experts advise against the group conferences arranged to brainstorm. It should be a big No for great content creations. It is better to work with the art director or designer if you want to make creative ads. Their complementary skills are helpful to you.

Step 3:

Just don’t limit your thoughts. Get your thoughts on what can be a most ridiculous idea to think. Go insane and don’t hesitate to think of an unsellable idea as well. Your ad visual should make women think of killing you.

It is a very effective process to create good ideas for great content.

Step 4:

Once you are done with creating ideas away from your digital box, come back to your computer. You should have at least a few smaller parts of your content.

Just put these microbes of your ad in google and search for images. No, you are not going to reuse an existing image but to find your ‘Lights, Camera’ moment to get things started.

These visuals on google and then on YouTube will help you to create an unexpected interplay between visual and copy which is the magic of advertising.

Step 5:

Go through a lot of old ad shows, Communication Arts, and related books to get some great ideas in your memory bank. This can be helpful for you to come up with some great ideas.

Step 6:

You have some spare time, just don’t waste it. Utilize your time by making some fake ads for your real clients. There is no need for you to be creative a person if you think this is busy baby work for you.

Top creatives around the globe do this constantly. The same is the practice in the famous Visual arts schools in the world including Miami Ad School.

Step 7:

George Lois Says “Think Long, Write Short”. It may not be an option in modern-day real marketing. The only thing that kills your shitty ideas is the time.

The more time you spend to think and review your work, the best you can get out of yourself.

Step 8:

Luke Sullivan is the author of the book “Hey Whipple, Squeeze This” that you should buy and read. He says in his book that creativity has no clear rules, it has no beginning, middle, or end. Creativity is like really washing a pig. When you are done with your content, you are not sure if it is really clean.

His book is a fun read and a great guide for content creation.

Step 9:

Lookout to get a copy of “When Advertising Tried Harder” for you if possible this is a collection of some best ads from the 1960s. It will help a great deal in your learning.

Step 10:

Nothing is better than working hard. So keep trying harder.

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