How to Make the Most of Storage Using Pallet Shelving?


Nothing is less productive in a workspace than an unorganized warehouse. With workers trying to shuffle about the stacks of boxes to find the correct lot, the disarray can cost more time and money, leading both to an unprofitable and inhospitable environment.

Instead of keeping up with a messy system, it’s time you create an efficient warehouse system using one of the best ways of organizing storage – pallet shelving. Pallet shelves are an ideal storage system that can meet various warehouse storage requirements to make the best use of storage space.

Pallet Shelving

Here’s how you can transform a cluttered warehouse into an efficient and neat environment:

Increase Pallet Size for a Cleaner and Larger Storage Space

Although pallet racks are a significant investment, they are worth every cent to keep a warehouse organized and running smoothly. Used pallet shelving is also available for businesses that want to save expenses without compromising their efficiency. The pallet system saves space by adding more shelves to any given location, maximizing floor space, and the rest of the area.

There are high ceilings in most warehouses, and the racking can be extended to a certain height to keep all of the inventory systemized and easy to find. Aside from adding extra pallets to the warehouse, other ways to increase storage efficiency are:

  • Standardize containers to enable storing and locating inventory easier
  • Restrict inventory misplacement by assigning specific locations to all pallets
  • Clearly labeling all shelves to allow scanning for products effortless

Reduce Aisle Space

One of the best ways to optimize the space around your pallet racks is to decrease the width of aisles between them. Although the warehouse aisle widths are determined by standard guidelines mandated by forklift manufacturers, local safety regulations, and the like, you can reduce these widths to the minimum required size. As a result, this will increase the amount of warehouse storage space you can include while navigating and maintaining a steady traffic flow.

Analyze Inventory

There are different ways to organize inventory on a pallet shelving system. The best way to find out is to do an inventory analysis to optimize warehouse capacity and distribution. Here’s how:

  • ABC Analysis – The inventory in this specific analysis type ranks different products based on the value of their annual consumption – for large consumption products, you can allocate small inventory, and small consumption can take up more space in your pallet shelves.
  • VED Analysis – This classifies inventory in order of importance – Vital, essential, and desirable
  • FIFO vs. LIFO – Determining the frequency of stock turnaround can help you come with the right pallet storage system.

Use Safety Panels 

Pallet shelving safety panels are recommended in general to protect your workers and your inventory from accidents. However, they can also help to examine the amount of product stored currently on a beam level and serve as a hard backstop guide to know if you have reached maximum capacity or how much space you still have.

The best way to manage a well-organized warehouse is to look for ways of improving storage continually. Opting for pallet shelving and using the above pointers can help you upgrade your warehouse to increase capacity and profit.

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