Top 6 Benefits of Using LED Lighting for Your Indoor Garden


Are you planning to grow plants in a greenhouse or an indoor garden to have a steady supply of herbs, vegetables, and ornamental plants all year round? Cultivating plants indoors or in greenhouses is a tricky and time-consuming process. You will need several supplies and equipment like growers lights, pots, and hand tools.

The growing population and environmental changes worldwide compel both governments and individuals to find effective ways to increase food crop production. Experts say that the global community will reach nine billion by 2050.

Top 6 Benefits of Using LED Lighting for Your Indoor Garden
Top 6 Benefits of Using LED Lighting for Your Indoor Garden

Such an increase would require at least a 70% build in the food supply. Indoor gardening is one of the possible solutions to bolster edible plant production. One prime factor to be successful with your indoor gardening is to have the right lighting.

Tips in Choosing the Right Lighting For Your Indoor Garden

Lighting plays an essential role in the proper growth and development of indoor plants. Whether you are using a quantum bulb, incandescent, or light-emitting diode (LED) light, there are things to consider like proper placement and the number of hours you turn them on. You could even consider adding some decorative lighting if you wanted to, for instance, Neon Mama has some unique neon signs that use LED. Here are tips for providing the appropriate lighting for your plants:

  • Use grower’s lights to provide sufficient illumination for your plants to stimulate photosynthesis and promote proper growth.
  • Choose LED lights over incandescent or fluorescent lights because they offer a more efficient and environmentally-friendly means of cultivating plants indoors.
  • Utilize violet-blue light in the 400-520 spectrum range during your plants’ early days for better chlorophyll absorption, photosynthesis, and development.
  • Use red light between 610-720 spectrum to stimulate flowering and budding of your plants.
  • Consider placing the lighting over your plants to mimic natural sunlight for better light absorption. Adjust the placement for proper distance as the plants develop and mature.
  • Remember that the lighting intensity depends on the characteristics of the plants you are cultivating indoors.
  • Determine the appropriate number of hours you will keep your garden’s lighting on. Most plants need at least eight hours of darkness per day. Meanwhile, most flowering plants and vegetables require 12-16 hours of light in a day.

Benefits of Using LED Lighting in Greenhouses or Indoor Horticulture

Experts recommend using LED lighting over high-intensity discharge (HID) lights for indoor gardens due to several reasons. Here are some of the benefits of using LED lighting in your garden:

  • Temperature –When compared to HIDs, LED lights are substantially cooler, thus, avoiding possible damages to plants due to too much heat.
  • Efficiency – LEDs are more efficient than other lighting systems. You can save money when using LED lights due to their lower electricity consumption.
  • Longevity – LEDs have a longer life cycle than HID bulbs. Usually, LED grow lights can last for at least 50,000 hours, while HIDs run for 10,000-18,000 hours.
  • Size – LEDs are more compact or less bulky than other lights. You can use them in smaller spaces. You can also place them closer to your plants without the risk of heartburn.
  • Light spectrum level – LEDs provide a vast spectrum of energy. You can choose an LED system that fits the type of plant or crop you cultivate.
  • Government rebates – Both the federal government and local authorities in the U.S. offer incentives to LED system users to promote the use of energy-efficient products.

Indoor gardening is an excellent way to produce a steady supply of edible and ornamental plants all year round. You can ensure the proper growth and development of your crops by installing the appropriate lighting system in your indoor garden.

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