Why Law Blog Writers Are a Must for Your Legal Firm


Marketing a legal firm comes with its own unique set of challenges and hurdles. Legal businesses need to take a pragmatic approach to promote their services while still differentiating their brand from other law firms. One way to do this is through content. As the age-old adage goes, “Content is king.” Even with the myriad of technological advancements, the written word is still one of the most powerful tools you can use as a business.

Having a blog allows you to build connections with the reader and infuse value into your digital presence. With that in mind, having a blog helps boost your online reputation, connects you with potential clients, and helps establish trust and credibility. Here are a few other benefits of law blog writers:

Why Law Blog Writers Are a Must for Your Legal Firm
Why Law Blog Writers Are a Must for Your Legal Firm

Manage Liability

Liability is a crucial component of managing content deliverables. Far too often, companies (legal and otherwise) turn to low-cost content mills to deliver high-volume content. Businesses tend to turn to content mills to get copy churned out quickly, in hopes that it will boost their SEO within short time frames. But one of the biggest issues with content mills (and even freelance writers with no legal experience) is that they expose your firm to potential liabilities.

The fact is, anything written on your blog can be held against you in court. If you ever have to appear in front of a judge, your opponent can use your content to illustrate points that push their defense. Working with an agency like Sutton Digital Marketing that provides legal writing services helps you manage that liability much more efficiently. Sure, the odds are slim that this will happen, but as a law firm, you want to diminish those chances as much as possible.

Tailored Expertise

One of the most obvious benefits of hiring legal writers is that it allows you to leverage niche expertise. Writers who are adept at creating legal content know how to use legal jargon and terms, and translate complicated legal frameworks into easily digestible chunks for the average reader. They understand how to navigate legal topics and are on top of trending legal news that proves beneficial to your blog. you can also visit scorpion law firm marketing strategy  to help get you on the right track with your marketing efforts. If you are writing great content, you want to ensure it is read!

Build Credibility

Credibility is especially important to legal companies. Any time a reader is searching for legal services, they’re keeping an eye out for firms whose credibility and authenticity are evident through an online search. First and foremost, blogs help boost your SEO, which means your website will appear higher in search engine results pages. With the vast majority of Google users never taking a step towards page two of results, you need your business to appear on the first page—and ideally the first three results. Appearing at the top of search results inherently lends an air of credibility.

Furthermore, your business appears more credible when the site visitor finds value in the content they consume. A blog allows you to establish yourself as a thought leader in your space. After a reader finds several of your resources valuable, they are more likely to share it—thereby increasing engagement and social proof—and reach out to you when they need legal services.

You see examples of money-generating content time and time again across every industry. When you address important issues, answer common questions, and advise on important topics, you’re able to build credibility not only among your readers but with search engines as well. For example, one pool services companies published a blog post detailing the cost of fiberglass pools and the installation process. This single blog post was able to generate $2 million for the company and continues to remain a valuable resource on the Web.

Saves You Time

Blogging takes plenty of time, especially when you’re dealing with content that needs to be accurate, fact-checked, and useful to readers searching for legal help. Quality work takes several man-hours, and the majority of lawyers are far too busy dealing with day-to-day clients and daily operations to sit down for a few hours each week and craft powerful content. Time, careful attention to detail and energy needs to be invested if you hope your blog will translate into clients. Outsourcing your legal blog writing allows you to spend your valuable time focusing on helping your clients and growing the firm.

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