Understanding Medical Malpractice Claims in Maryland


According to the Federal National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB), a minimum of three percent of the doctors carry out the medical malpractices in Maryland. The doctors get involved in such malpractices to get a share in the payout received by the victim. To avoid such controversy in life, many people prefer hiring the best personal injury lawyer in Maryland.

The Public Citizen’s Analysis of NPDB data specifies that 20.6% of the doctors in Maryland in the last decade had to undergo a disciplinary action from the board. The disciplinary action included license suspension or revocation, or a limit on clinical perks. But, the victims had to suffer huge losses due to the doctors’ negligence.

Medical Malpractice Claims in Maryland
Medical Malpractice Claims in Maryland

Let’s study and analyze the medical malpractice claims in Maryland.

Types of Medical Malpractices

The Maryland Board of Physician Quality Assurance commenced initiating significant disciplinary actions after 2002. In 2019, Maryland implied strict rules on its medical practitioners’ and made them conform to the standard procedures. There were more than 21,833 doctors involved in false claims and were booked under the negligence act.

There are mainly four types of medical malpractices; these include misdiagnosis, failure in administering proper treatment, prescribing the wrong medication, and providing incomplete information to the patient about the risk involved in a medical procedure.

Non-conformation of Protocols

The state government statistics reveal, there were deceptive methods used to cover up the medical malpractices in the year 2018-19. Maryland has 38.2 doctors per 10,000 people, out of which three to seven percent of doctors do not conform to the medical rules and regulations. Many medical professionals decline to provide patients with legally approved treatment and an essential standard of care.

A certain type of illness or disease needs treatment that should follow the set of standards. For instance, if a patient suffers from contagious disease, he/she must be quarantined until the treatment gets over. But, the victimization of the patients takes place due to the negligence of medical professionals, and patients suffer a traumatic experience.

Hence, to avail of the compensatory benefits from your insurance provider, you must consult the best personal injury lawyer in Maryland.

Time Also Plays a Vital Role

In Maryland, there is a law that defines the statute of limitation in medical malpractices, in regards to the time-frame. In general terms, it states that a patient must bring the case to the court within five years from the date of injury. Otherwise, do it within three years from the date on which it happens.

It helps in assessing the level of damage caused and building a strong case to fight against medical malpractice. The experienced lawyers guide and direct in collecting the evidence for filing the lawsuit if the need arises. This also helps in targeting the insurance provider to compensate for the losses incurred.

Economic and Non-economic Damages

There were caps imposed on non-economic damages in the U.S., where the former U.S president George W. Bush had proposed a cap of $250,000 million in medical malpractice cases. Today, the statutory cap imposed in Maryland stands at $755,000. According to Maryland law, the complainant can be awarded two compensatory benefits either for economic damage or non-economic damage.

Economic damages cover the loss of pay/wages and medical expenses. The non-economic damages include physical pain or suffering, emotional distress, and deteriorating quality of life. A well-qualified personal injury lawyer can help you with attaining all the necessary claims that you deserve.

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