Tips for Removing Embarrassing Images That Can Harm Your Business


You probably have embarrassing images of yourself stored away on your computer, and if you’re like most people, you’d do anything to get rid of them. Unfortunately, deleting them may not be as easy as you think. It can be worse still if those images have found themselves online and on social media.

In this article, some tips are included for removing embarrassing images from your computer, and where they have annoyingly found themselves online. It might have been us not thinking at the time, or another trying to discredit us, but either way, it can be extremely damaging.

Tips for Removing Embarrassing Images
Tips for Removing Embarrassing Images

Both scenarios have the potential to harm your personal and business reputation, should the images end up in the wrong hands to be publically displayed and then shared many times on social media. Thankfully, google image removal can take care of many situations, which we will talk more about towards the end of this article.

So try the methods below to see if you can deal with those embarrassing photos that just will not go away.

Attempt to Delete

The first step is to try and delete the image from wherever it’s stored. If it’s on your hard drive, you can use a program like Eraser to overwrite the file and make it unrecoverable. If it’s on a social media site, you can usually contact the site and have them remove the image for you.

It can be hard to trace the source of an image initially and it can get harder still when it is shared many times. This is where you might need some expert help.

When a potentially malicious source is found, who is responsible for sharing your image without your permission, you might have the power of the courts to help you. Although, with the laws differing between countries and limited online and social media regulation, this can be problematic without the right legal help and indeed computer skills and knowledge.

Hide the Image

If you can’t delete the image, your next best option is to hide it so it’s not easily accessible. On your hard drive, you can move the file to a hidden folder. On social media sites, you can usually make images private so only people you approve can see them.

This can work well if you have added the image yourself on your social media account and had second thoughts. You then have greater control over the image or photo, even if you cannot delete it entirely because of how the particular social media platform works.

Edit the Image

If you can’t delete or hide the image, your last resort is to edit the image so it’s not embarrassing. This could involve cropping the image, blurring out faces, or otherwise obfuscating the embarrassing content. Note that this isn’t always possible, and even if it is, there’s no guarantee that someone won’t be able to reverse your edits.

Again, this works better when you have put the picture on as opposed to someone else scanning it onto another computer and posting it on their social media account in an attempt to discredit you in some way.

Google Image Removal

If you’ve tried all of the above and the embarrassing image is still out there, you can try using Google’s Image Removal tool. This will only work if the image appears in search results, and it’s not guaranteed to be successful, but it’s worth a shot.

Take precautions to prevent embarrassing images from being taken in the first place. This includes being careful about who you share photos with and what kinds of photos you take. If you do find yourself in possession of an embarrassing image, take action to remove it as quickly as possible to minimize the damage to your reputation. If there is someone with greater computer knowledge and expertise that can help you in your mission to eliminate an embarrassing photo online, and for good, then take them up on it. This may well be the most cost-effective approach in the long-term than wasting time while your reputation is being damaged every day that photo is still out there.

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