Tips to Write a Strong Admission Essay for College Application


Admission essay is one of the three criteria (besides previous coursework and standardized test scores) that are a decisive factor in college enrollment. According to the admissions officers, it’s the most memorable one, though. It’s the admission essay that sets you apart from the other candidates. It reveals your personality along with your goals, challenges, triumphs, and life experience.

On the way to writing an essay that is bound to succeed, one may have many questions. How can I make it stand out? How to properly highlight the important parts of my biography? How does the admissions committee see my paper?

To ensure a qualified and unique admission essay, you may hand over this task to a professional writing service Or, you can stay calm and consider these nine proven tips that will help you impress everyone with your story.

Tips to Write a Strong Admission Essay

How to Write an Ideal College Admission Essay?

1. Check The Requirements

The first thing you do before even thinking about what to write, you open the college’s website. There, read the requirements and follow them to the fullest. Pay attention to the needed word or characters count and the points you should cover in your paper. Also, make sure to send the file with the correct extension. 

2. Write Clearly and Precisely

When working on an admission essay, remember that the officers are limited in time. They can’t read along and overloaded text. They only have three to five minutes for each paper. Therefore, you shouldn’t write the story of your life, try to present it briefly, concisely and stick to the key idea.

A good way to do that is to focus on a short personal story that is important to you and interesting for others. Explain how it relates to who you are today and who you plan to become in the next few years.

3. Think About Your Image

Your success depends mainly on how well you present yourself. Work out the details of your image to make it clear for the commission. Explain what kind of person you are, why you are interested in the college enrolment, and how it is related to your plans for the future. Your essay must highlight the main idea and follow it from the beginning to the end.

Before you start writing, brainstorm to come up with ideas and topics you want to cover. Create the conditions for effective brainstorming: get some privacy, set a timer, and generate as many ideas as possible.

Another good tip is making a mind map with the words and concepts that define you. Of course, they must be related to the chosen area of education.

4. Avoid Generalization

Many students are tempted to write one essay that can be submitted to many universities at once. However, an experienced admissions officer will immediately notice this generalization.

Instead, focus on describing specific reasons that interest you in that particular university. You can emphasize that you got acquainted with the program, learning environment, and teaching staff. A good decision is to tell the committee about the professor who inspires you or classes you want to take the most.

5. Don’t Write a Boring Introduction

You should interest the admissions officers from the opening lines. Imagine that a few people must read hundreds of letters in less than a week and choose the most interesting candidates. Start with catchy phrases. When the beginning is written monotonously and in clichés, the commission will lose their interest despite all your effort in the further parts.

6. Be Honest

Trying to be interesting, make sure you avoid distorting reality. Your sincere thoughts and personal view are far more important than exaggerated achievements. Creativity is great, but writing an essay in the form of a fairy tale or a poem is not always a good idea.

7. Don’t Leave It for The Last Minute

Start writing an essay for college application at least a month in advance: this way you will not miss the main points. Give yourself the time to think about your goals, structure, and content to make it convincing for the committee.

8. Edit Your Admission Essay

Check the grammar, spelling, and punctuation before submitting your work. A text with typos will compromise your skills and efforts. Note that you can’t rely entirely on the spelling checkers online. Print out your paper and read it carefully several times, trying to detect the hidden errors. Also, make sure that each sentence contains important information and is not a repetition of what has already been said.

9. Ask Someone to Proofread

After editing, ask your parents, siblings, or friends to look over the finished text. You can’t write a good admission letter without other people’s opinions, so don’t be afraid of criticism, ask everyone to honestly say how well you did, what points should be changed or revised.


Now you are ready to write an admission essay that will help you enter a college of your dream! Be sincere and focused, full of enthusiasm and unique. One more bonus tip: after you send it, don’t panic. With your determined intellect and diligent work, you have an excellent chance of being accepted.

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