Travel Apps: How to Organize a Trip with the Best Apps


Until a few years ago, organizing a trip meant losing many hours. Buying and reading tour guides or hiring a travel agent was the only way to get all the information you need from one destination. Today, thanks to the Internet and various travel apps described in some travel tips, organizing the perfect trip that meets all the criteria and features we are looking for is simple, fast and accurate. And all this without having to spend a penny!

The airplane is the fastest and most convenient method of transportation. For a long time, it was expensive transportation, but today, on some routes, is the cheapest! Whether because of the distance to the destination, the convenience or the amount of travel, the airplane is a method to consider.

Travel Apps How to Organize a Trip with the Best Apps
Travel Apps How to Organize a Trip with the Best Apps

We use two travel apps to find the cheapest airline tickets and organize our trips: Skyscanner and Google Flights. You can also get the best quote by looking up the cost of chartering a private jet in minutes to get a better idea of how much this would cost!


Skyscanner is a tool for comparing flight, hotel and car rental prices across platforms. For the flight comparator, you can search by month and see which day of the month the ticket is the cheapest. If you are still undecided on the destination, you also have the option to search for the cheapest or on-sale destinations according to the nearest airport to you.  When flying out of your local airport, a good way to save money, time and hassle are by booking off-airport parking. You can save up to 70% off compared to the cost of on-airport parking. Finding parking near airport is the best option when traveling from your hometown.

Google Flights

Google Flights also lets you find flights at the best prices. You can select date periods or condition your search based on a given maximum price/budget or select up to multiple departing airports to compare prices. On the world map, you can select the starting point and the destination. You can get all the flight information, buy the ticket or save the search and track price trends through alerts. The entire operation of Google Flights is done for free. There are no fees or intermediaries as the ticket is purchased directly from the ticketing airline of your choice.

Sygic Travel

In Sygic Travel you can see where tourist attractions and all the sights of a city are located and organize them in your travel itinerary according to their opening hours, location, the time you need to visit each of these points. tours and the time you need to get from one point to another! In this application you create your trip by selecting the dates you will be in the city, which hotel or place you will be staying in and selecting and saving the places you want to visit. The application itself organizes your script with you according to the hours you have available on your day!

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Google Trips

Google Trips is an application of Google. To use it, you need to associate a Google account. This application allows you to make reservations, plan itineraries, choose bars and restaurants and save everything in your email account. We like this application because it is not only quite complete but also allows you to create a whole trip plan. Research what you can do in the city, plan the itinerary and day to day, select the places you want to eat and even choose the transports you will use.

Thanks to technology, travel now feels even easier!

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