How to Turbo Boost your Email Open Rate?

  1. Refresh your list

What does refreshing the list means? Refresh the list means to update or reinvigorate it again. But what is the need to refresh the list? And how it helps to increase the email response rate?

Let us consider an example, if we consider our social media Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. then we probably talk to those who give a reply back to our messages on time rather than those who ignore our messages or reply us very late. And on the basis of that, we only keep in contact with those many people who reply us on time. At the same time in the email also we have to fresh our list time to time on the basis of those people who gives a good response back to our email rather than those who even don’t open our email. So keeping those types of people in our email list who don’t open our email is just waste of our time in sending message to them. 

How to Turbo Boost your Email Open Rate
How to Turbo Boost your Email Open Rate
  1. Target to one

Have you heard of that famous proverb “if you chase two rabbits, both will escape” so the aim should always be one at a time rather than many? Whether you are doing social media outreach or niche edit outreach it matters. But why it is preferred to target just one at a time?

Have you ever thought about why people mostly prefer home tutor rather than going to the coaching institute? In coaching institute generally the strength of students are very high so the teacher does not concentrate on every student at an equal amount, whereas in-home tutors the teacher concentrate on only one student so he knows very well what is the weak and strong subject of the student, and why that student is not able to study properly. So the chances of the improvement of that particular student are high. Similarly, if we write email personally by considering as a single person then there will be higher chances of getting the positive response of that person, rather than sending the same type of email to everyone. 

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  1. The subject line is a highlight

Do you ever think before writing a subject line? Your answer maybe yes, but we don’t think a lot about it in general, we just write randomly related to what our email is right?

Probably yes, but from now you will think thrice before you write after reading this article. You must have written leave letters at the time of your schooling many times right! Remember how we all struggle to write a perfect subject line so that our principal or teacher grants us to leave after looking at it immediately. We used to keep in mind that the subject line must be highlight which explains the whole letter in just one sentence. Similarly, when it comes to email, the same idea goes with the subject line. The subject line must be convincing enough to make the person open the email at the same time it should explain well, the reason behind sending that particular email. And this actually helps you a lot to increase the response rate. 

  1. Don’t be a copycat

Wait, what actually doe this subheading means? Of course, we don’t copy our email content from others than how we become a copycat? In every blogger outreach it matters. And how it is related to email response rate?

Hold on for a while! So here I am talking about email address when it comes about email address most people copy it from others rather having their own. But does this even matter? In a class of 50 students if there will be students having similar names than think about the confusion it creates. If that particular teacher will point to one student having good grade then the other student having the same name with fewer grades will consider himself/herself sometimes. The similar situation occurs in emails if your email address is similar to some other email address then there will be a lot of confusion. The easy solution for this is to create your own personalized unique email address. So it becomes easier for users to distinguish. 

  1. Timing matters

How will it feel if someone texts you late at night? Will you like the sound of the buzz of your phone while you are sleeping?

Of course, you won’t like it, you will feel like someone has disturbed you, and you will keep your phone aside, right?

Another example, most people do online texting in a day rather at night, because at night we all sleep. So if considering this fact with the timing of email than what will you prefer?

 Of course, you want the email most probably to be sent you in the day time, because mostly whenever the email sent in the night hours after 11 pm-12 pm are being ignored. So even if you are from a different country you need to make sure that the timing of the country you are sending the email to must be at day time, so that your email does not get ignored. And you get a proper response.

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