Academic Thesis Writing Skills: Quality and Topic Selection Requirements


A research paper is a paper that summarizes, studies, and discusses problems in the scientific field, and expresses the results of scientific research. Writing scientific research papers is the last link to scientific research, and it is also the main form of scientific research output and academic communication. For the majority of science and technology workers, the ability to publish papers in high-level journals (such as SCI journals) is an important indicator for evaluating scientific research capabilities and academic standards. Domestic universities and research institutes have published papers as the main evaluation criteria for the promotion of job titles, job competition, and graduate graduation. It can be said that writing a scientific paper is a basic skill that a scientific researcher must-have. The formation of this basic skill requires a comprehensive study of essay writing methods and skills and repeated practice to complete it. And in some cases, a paper help service!

Academic Thesis Writing Skills
Academic Thesis Writing Skills

Quality requirements of scientific research personnel

As a scientific researcher, we must first rectify our work attitude, pay attention to experimental operations, and pay more attention to the cultivation of scientific research quality. Scientific research cannot be simply equated with experimentation. Scientific research is to solve scientific problems and runs through the whole process. Experimentation is just a means. Researchers should have the basic abilities for independent research, including the ability to obtain information and read literature; the ability to design experiments (or innovative thinking); the ability to perform experiments; the ability to analyze and summarize experiments; the ability to write and publish papers; fund application ability, etc., can be better engaged in scientific research. Scientific research cannot be separated from scientific and technological information. Scientific research institutions should provide researchers with high-level information services to help them understand and grasp the development of world scientific research.

Topic selection requirements

The selection of scientific research topics is the first step in writing a scientific paper. Topic selection innovation is the soul of scientific research paper writing, and it is an important criterion for measuring the value of the paper. There are a few principles to pay attention to when choosing a topic for scientific research:

Purpose: Scientific research is a highly purposeful task. When selecting a topic, you must first define the research goals. Researchers must set a stable research direction for themselves, and take into account the prospects and feasibility of the development of the discipline, the possible conditions of the unit, and personal interests when positioning.


Scientific: It is necessary to consider whether the topic selection is of scientific value, whether the argument materials can withstand the practical test, and at the same time, whether the method of collecting and organizing the materials is scientific and reasonable.

Feasibility: whether the experimental scheme is feasible, whether it has the hardware and software conditions required for the experiment, and whether the time allocation in each stage of the research process is reasonable.


Practicality: whether the project results can be applied to scientific research and social practice, whether it can solve any practical problems, how much scientific research value or how much social and economic benefits can be brought.

Advanced: The advanced nature of the topic selection is the premise to ensure that its scientific research has a leading position and the thesis has an innovative point of view. Before selecting a scientific research topic, you should consult relevant domestic and foreign literature to confirm whether anyone has been engaged in research in this area, to what extent, and what is innovative in your research ideas or results. Avoid duplication.

Innovativeness: Based on innovative thinking when choosing a topic, I usually accumulate experience, read leading-edge papers extensively, and seize instant inspiration. If necessary, you can ask the instructor or senior to help judge. Innovativeness can be expressed not only as a theoretical breakthrough point, a concept innovation, but also as a technological method innovation and an application field innovation.

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