Analyze your website’s SEO with these tools


There is an infinite number of websites online and it is next to impossible to achieve good traffic unless there are the right set of SEO tools that can help, guide and provide the right kind of instructions to optimize a website and work on its SEO.

Analyze your website SEO with these tools
Analyze your website SEO with these tools

Why should you care about the SEO of the website?

You must be thinking why you need to work on your SEO and what is the need to optimize your website?

SEO is basically the process of improving on page and off page SEO and working on all the technical elements of the website

  • SEO will improve the ability of a website to make a page rank higher in the search engine result pages
  • It helps attract the target audience
  • It helps to improve the overall online visibility of the page
  • It will help increase the website traffic
  • SEO makes your website more competitive

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Examining your website and its online presence and to check for all the shortcomings that it has. Once you get to know about the shortcomings of the website you can it optimize it to push it to better rank in the google search results.

It is examining a website to check its online presence:

Technical issues in SEO

  • XML sitemaps
  • Page Load Speed
  • Crawl errors
  • Use of robots.txt file
  • Mobile Speed

On Page SEO includes

  • Title tags
  • H1 Tags
  • Internal links
  • Content length
  • Keywords
  • URL Structure

Off-page SEO includes

  • Reviews
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Authority and Trust
  • Backlink count and
  • External relationships


It is a tool that especially finds out the tools that are profitable and many bloggers new or old use it to optimize their websites. This website helps the client to optimize their website and curate content that will help them to give a better experience to their visitors. This is an On-page SEO checker tool that will allow you to easily monitor your rankings and find recommendations that will help improve the performance of your website. Th stealth tactics that it offers includes doing thorough competitor research that will do the proper search of keywords, content, backlinks etc.

SE Ranking

It is a fully automated tool that checks the universal Google rankings and gives 100% results.


This toolset is well known for doing proper SEO and backlinks analysis. This powerful backlink checker is considered the best of its type.


This SEO tool provides you the SEO analytics and insights. It ties together all the keyword research metrics by collecting all the data from different websites across 4 different search engines that help provide insights and SEO analytics


This tool can be used to optimize and analyze unlimited websites. You can use WooRank to analyze your website and connect with the marketing data. Other things that you can do are site crawl analysis, do powerful keyword research, do competitive analysis and generate in-depth reviews for the website.

SEO Site Checkup

For a user-friendly analysis for monitoring the SEO of your website SEO Site Checkup analyzes your website based on factors like the speed of the website, mobile usability, detects security and server issues, social media and the mobile usability. Based on these specified parameters it will help improve your web presence.


Just like other SEO tools this will analyze your website and give guidelines based upon what your website is lacks. For your long-term success optimizing your website is very important.


Get better search engine result by fixing the technical issues of the landing pages. It will help detect all the errors that might be in the meta tags, quality of the internal links, indexation, the page of the speed and it makes sure that all the pages have the best health. It will also show all the broken links, improve the navigation of the page and help get more page conversions.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

It is a desktop program that is used for crawling the website it allows to crawl the URLs of the website and fetch onsite elements that can help analyze the onsite SEO. It is efficient in crawling both large and small websites and it also helps to analyze the results in real time. It gathers the onsite data and that allows the SEOs to make informed decisions.

By conducting a website audit work on improving the overall performance of your website and make it competition ready.

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