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You must have heard about YouTube Live. You must have aspired to try this at some time or the other. Using this technology, you can stream video from your desktop or webcam that will allow you to host Webinars, broadcast Vlogs as well as perform various other functions. Paragraphs underneath shall guide you to host YouTube Live as well as to making promo videos.

You need to access the YouTube Live Dashboard

If you are thinking about broadcasting YouTube Live Video, you should start by exploring the Dashboard of YouTube Live. Once you sign-in to your account on YouTube,  you need to click on the profile picture that you will find on the top right. Subsequently, you need to hit on the Creator Studio tab.

  1. On the sidebar menu to the left, you will get the Live Streaming button. Now, click on this tab. In case you are a first time visitor, you will get a welcome message at this point. Now, you need to register a valid phone number for your channel. Doing this, you are going to get a link that you can share once you start the live streaming sessions.
  2. Simply use your username for YouTube, and after you have registered your phone number, you need to agree to the terms and conditions for availing the services. This will direct you to the Dashboard for YouTube Live. Completing these steps take the minimum time, and you can do that without getting into any hassles and hardships.
  3. How to Broadcasting with YouTube Live?
    How to Broadcasting with YouTube Live?

You need to know the Dashboard

Before you get started with YouTube Live for the First Time, you need to know the Dashboard precisely. Indeed, it is a smart idea to invest some time to explore the features before you get started.

Reviewing the checklist for Live Streaming: when you use YouTube Live for the first time, you must review the checklist for Live streaming. This will guide you to get the adequate settings for hosting the Live event. Unless you are clicking on the “Don’t show These tips again” tab, you will get the information at the right-hand top of the Dashboard.

Exploring the Chat Window: the chat window is the point to establish engagement with the viewers. At the bottom, you will get a window that allows you to chat with the users. To reveal more options, you need to click on the 3 dots that you will find here. If you desire, you have the option to put-off the chat option.

Adding event schedules to the information box: You may start by adding event titles, descriptions, live streaming schedule options, as well as privacy and category options. Subsequently, you need to click on the stream option button that will fetch up the available stream settings.

Setting Up the Encoding Software: while you create video intro, remember, in case you aspire to broadcast directly from your desktop, you will need a specific application. The use of software like Open Broadcast and Free Open-source applications are recommended for use in this instance. You need to provide this data into the setting of the software of your choice. You can go for In video to make amazing video intros.

It is the time to host your first Live Stream on YouTube.

Once you have rightly done the steps discussed above, you are now ready to host your first live event on YouTube. In case you are using any Open Broadcast application, you need to select your input sources like your desktop or webcam as well as audio output devices. You can check out a preview of the event, once you go live. In case you find the preview appears to be perfect, hit the Start Streaming tab. Once your target viewers will log-in to their accounts, they will find the live stream along with a side box for chatting. This enables you to establish a chat with the viewers.

Want to get real-time data about the number of viewers watching your event? You need to check the Analytical box to perform this task. Here, you will also get the URL of the Live event to share.

Once you are over with the live streaming, you can stop the streaming session Users using the Open Broadcast software will find a tab at the button to accomplish this task.

How will you check YouTube Live Analytics?

After the Live session is over, the video will automatically be added to the usual uploads, and other viewers can catch these videos at any time. The right to view the videos is administered by the settings that you configure while setting up the Live event. If you are clicking on any of your live event videos, you will find an analytic tab below the video. There, you can explore the complete analytics for your videos, as the count of viewers watching the live event and the average time spent on watching your events. This function makes it easier to get real-time data about the engagement with your video, helping you evaluate how your videos are performing.

Download your YouTube Live videos to share the videos on different sites

You certainly aspire to get the maximum viewers, watching your Live events and videos. To do that, you need to take adequate measures. Why not start sharing the videos on other sites? For instance, you can post it on your timeline and groups on various social media platforms that will drive more traffic to check your subsequent live events and videos on YouTube. This step can go a long way to bring more visitors and eventually more followers for your YouTube Channel.

As Google recently announced that Google Hangouts on Air is scheduled to migrate to YouTube Live, it becomes crucial that marketers acquire adequate knowledge about the broadcasting Live events on YouTube that will enable you to reach out before the widest base of customers within the minimum time. For sure, you need to make the best use of this technology for driving more traffic to your site and eventually expanding your service market to win over the stiff business competition.

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