9 Video Animation Tips and Tricks from the Industry Experts


Animation can become one of the most daunting tasks, if you are not equipped with successful tips and professional software. It can turn into the most complicated skill to master. You have to invest years to polish your skills to a professional level. The outcomes generated from a single animated video make the uncountable efforts worth investing.  You cannot adopt somebody else’s skills you can seek inspiration or get the motivation to create an appealing animation. A simple animated video is divided into many parts from plotting to storyboard to characterization. You have to create a captivating storyline to indulge your viewers and enticing graphics to gather more lead on your site.

Here are 9 video animation tips to guide the industry experts

1.   Draw and Redraw Multiple Times

Your storyboard is the most important part of your video & animation, therefore when making it you must ponder on every single area and aspect. You should look into every single detail and draw as many times as possible. Redrawing or discarding your storyboards is normal when heading towards a successful storyboard creation. You have to give individual attention to every single corner and to enhance its visual in the best possible manner.

2.   Get Equipped to Work Remotely

You must not be the salve of a particular desk and setting. You must gear up with the right set of tools and gadgets that can let you draw and animation tips wherever you want. You may be travelling on a subway just when a creative idea hits you or you receive an urgent project. You have to stay available at least during the initial years of your corporate life.

3.   Listen To Your Customer Specification Closely

To practice flawless animation you have to keep your mind and ear open. You must have to give importance to what your customer demands from you or what appeals to your audience. You may have certain preferences for something but being an animator you have to give look into what’s going on in the market rather than blowing your own trumpet. It’s good to be innovative; however, it would be great if you keep all your efforts targeted to the market goals.

4.   Grab Your Audience’s Attention

You need to push your creative skills to a height that it makes you able to capture the attention of your target audience. Even though an animated video gives a lot of space to add appeal but it takes equal efforts in making your animation tips to compelling enough to entice your viewers. You have to add captivation in your videos. The most important technique is to keep your characters close to realism. From their postures to their gestures, everything should be created in the realistic framework.

5.   Take Criticism Positively

Every great artist faces a lot of criticism, sometimes during his or her initial years while other times when working on a competitive project. You must learn to take criticism positively. Note down the areas that you are being criticized for and strive to bring a change in it.

6.   Do Not Over Animate a Scene

Sometimes animators get carried away with their storyboard creation and add extra efforts in adding the compelling touches. However, in doing so they do not notice the quality of their creative work. Over animation is considered as one of the most prominent issues faced by many animators.

You have to make sure that your creation looks minimalist and simplest. Keep the movement and appearance somehow close to the principles of science and physics. Though animation involves exaggeration but to a certain level.

7.   Always Ask For Feedback

Even if you are a jack of all trades it’s not wrong to seek out for some good feedback. You must ask for feedback for your animation from people qualified enough to judge your every corner. Make improvisation and present your work flawlessly.

8.   Stick to Minimalist Rule

When making an animated video you have to invest your money and efforts. You have to consult professionals with individual expertise like the scriptwriter, illustrator, and then the animator. So, with each step, you invest your time, efforts and money. Even though you have been so dedicated to making your video successful, somehow it did not work out the way you want.

In such a situation when you know everything was organized yet it fails you have to ponder on its aesthetics. Maybe you have added extra color shades or intricate graphics. It’s best to keep your design layouts simple and sophisticated. Moreover, by keeping your design simple you will be able to enhance its responsiveness across multiple platforms.

9.   Use Professional Tools and Software

You are living in the time when you can have professional assistance in the form of easy to use tool for whichever category of job you want. You simply have to get on the browser and look for the tools receiving maximum ratings. Check out their layouts and features and download them quickly. If you are worried about your storage and data, you can even enjoy their features online without there a need to download the software. Among the prominent tools, some of them include:

  • Piskel
  • Aseprite
  • Spine
  • Pencil2D
  • FlipBook
  • Synfig Studio

Wrap Up

Keep your eyes on the changing trends and your mind connected to the target customers to come up with the most innovative technique of bringing the maximum outcomes.

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Eliza Martin