Infidigit Launches its New Podcast for SEO Enthusiasts


If you are a budding entrepreneur in this digital world or have already established yourself, it is always good to know about some relevant growth stories that not only motivate you but also tell how the market is shaping. To bring you latest market news, stories, and trends, Infidigit has launched Growth Genius Podcast covering conversations and interviews with entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and marketers. This is a whole new concept, and if you are interested in listening to people who have changed the course of their industries, then you cannot afford to miss this SEO podcast from Infidigit.

Infidigit Launches
Infidigit Launches its New Podcast

In this digital day and age, one needs to have a strong online presence for any business to survive. With the likes on social media, search engine optimization, content marketing, etc., professionals have helped their respective organizations to climb the ladder of success.

Through this SEO podcast, the founder of Infidigit, Kaushal Thakkar, interviews celebrated guests who have shown remarkable resilience and dedication in resolving organizational challenges and upscaling their companies to newer heights, regarding both revenue and growth through digital marketing techniques.

The Growth Genius Podcast app is available to download for free on both iOS and Android devices. Here, you will learn all about how winners think, take actions, and retract when needed. For all those who want a successful career, guidance is essential. While there are several interviews you can watch online, they don’t personally connect with you because, for some reason, such interviews don’t appeal.

However, with an SEO podcast, you have the opportunity to closely listen to some of the most hard-working professionals and growth geniuses in our country who are just like you and me but with a powerful mindset and will to succeed.

Infidigt, as an SEO company in Mumbai, has served many businesses and organizations in achieving digital marketing goals over the years. With their new digital marketing podcast, this is a massive opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs and hard-working professionals who want to make a mark in the industry by helping their organizations achieve new feats.

The interviews are unusual and exciting. In the latest SEO podcast episode, Kaushal got to interview Divya Dixit, a Senior Vice President, Marketing and Analytics at ALTBalaji. Divya shared the success story of how ALTBalaji became one of the most popular OTT (over-the-top) platforms in India, despite having tough competition from international rivals like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The purpose of starting this SEO podcast is to bring the best of both worlds. Kaushal asks some interesting questions – questions that most of you want to know the answer to. The interview sparks a severe conversation and discussion where the guests provide deep insights into the latest techniques, strategies, and trends happening in the digital marketing industry.

Guidance is everything in this competitive world. With proper guidance, insights, and ideas, you can survive the cut-throat competition and give your career a forward push.

You can take a few minutes to listen to these podcasts and get inspired by people.

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