What Types of Corporate Videos Improve The Business Brand?


Showing the human side of a company is a really important aspect in these times. Surely you will meet many people who work in places that care about their employees, enjoy a whole series of benefits and offices are incredible. And I’m not just talking about Google. Through a corporate video, entertainment is offered to the user and a clear message is full of values. Transmitting these company values, good practices, facilities and workers is interesting both for customers and for the employees themselves.

In this article, we tell you what are the reasons and the advantages of making corporate video production companies in Dubai, what types of corporate videos can be made and some good examples of large companies.

What is a Corporate Video?

Before continuing, it is important to make clear what a corporate video is. With this denomination, we refer to an audiovisual piece focused on showing the business aspect of the company. They are usually of short duration, no more than two minutes. Your message is usually based on publicizing a business, product, event, service or organization. However, they may have different approaches depending on the marketing and communication objectives and depending on the target audience to which the message is addressed.

Corporate Videos Tips
Corporate Videos Improve The Business Brand

Currently, this type of corporate video is made to closer the website or blog of the company offer added value to the products or services offered by the company. Until a few years ago, we were used to corporate videos focused on the manufacturing processes of the products, the phases that included those processes, the history of the company, marketing and some data and figures. However, nowadays corporate videos have evolved and we try to offer from a much more original point of view focusing on a more creative side.

It is important to differentiate between a promotional video and a corporate video. Since the corporate video does not have to be focused on promoting or advertising the company.

Who can a Corporate Video be directed to?

The public of the video must coincide with those public objectives previously identified by the marketing department of the company. These can be employees, shareholders, investors, customers, suppliers … etc. Depending on the size of the company, the number of the public will be more or less broad. Thus, it is important to analyze who you want to direct the video to know what aspects you want to tell about the company.

Any company can create its own corporate video showing a new product, the real testimony of its customers, its facilities or even how to get to its own local establishment. A video shows a whole series of aspects with a proximity feature and this will generate more confidence since it is a more difficult form of a message to manipulate.

Reasons why making a Corporate Video

  1. A corporate video is used to publicize a company

Why do you want to publicize your company? It is logical that from the direction of a company they are interested in being known by the whole world: possible potential clients, suppliers, shareholders or professionals of the sector interested in working for it. Branding is one aspect that must be taken into account and a media item currently is a positive way to publicize the brand image and corporate values. A corporate video stands out against the competition

One of the objectives that can be established in corporate videos is to differentiate from the competition. What makes you special with respect to the rest of the companies? What can you offer and others not? Why is your product the best?

It is important to identify and make clear in the corporate video what your added value is and why they should hire you. The tone and the message should be as human as possible. That is, why not ask one of your own employees to talk about your product? What if you ask one of your own clients? Your testimonials will be very valuable for future clients.

  1. A corporate video promotes sales in an economical way

One of the main reasons why you should have a corporate video is that it is a very inexpensive way to promote sales. It is understood that a corporate video does not have to be a large audiovisual production so you can allocate a small budget to your production. In turn, this video can be published on YouTube, the social network with the most users currently and that does not charge in any case for uploading a video.

  1. A corporate video can improve the SEO positioning of your website

The length of stay that a user spends on a web page is a factor that affects the SEO positioning of your website since it is the longer it passes, the better it will be evaluated by Google. In turn, it will reduce the bounce rate. Thus, when a corporate video is included on the home page of the company page, there is a greater chance that the user will spend more time watching the video.

On the other hand, YouTube videos position themselves on Google in a very positive and simple way. Using the appropriate keywords in the description of the video uploaded to YouTube, it is easier for it to rank among the top posts than a blog article or a services page.

  1. The audiovisual material is easier to share

Users, clients, or workers themselves tend to share audiovisual material more easily. Videos are more attractive and can interest a greater percentage of the public.

What types of corporate videos can an audiovisual production company make?

An audiovisual production company can offer different types and styles of corporate videos that fit perfectly with what the company is looking for.

Animated videos

A corporate video can also be made with the technique of animation when the style of the company allows it. The videos made with 2D-3D animation or motion graphics are very interesting when you want to explain a complex purchase process or service since the drawings help to understand what the company wants to convey. You can take Whiteboard Animation services for your business brand promotion.

Videos of a new product

This type of corporate video talks about a new product or a new service to make it known to regular customers or even reach a new audience. They can try to look for excitement among the clients being not very detailed and causing the client to go to the web page or the address that links to obtain more information. In any case, do not confuse them with a teaser, which is a concept of an advertising video.

Testimonial videos

The corporate videos for companies are very interesting when you include testimonials from employees or members of the company as they bring closeness and enhance the human side sought with these productions. The testimonial videos include several short testimonials from several people, who can also be clients in the environment that the director and the company want.

Informative video

This type of video is intended to help the client understand a product or service. They can be done to complete the pages of the services of the company which will help to convert and improve sales.

Promotional videos

They are not exactly a kind of corporate video, but it is interesting to talk about them because the companies themselves use them to promote themselves or to make themselves known in a more original way and in between the advertising and corporate tone.

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